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How it works: All participants deposit CS:GO Skins to the jackpot. Once the necessary number of items has been reached or the time for the game has passed the system randomly selects a winner, the winner will get all the items from the jackpot (minus site percent). The chance to win depends on the value of the skins involved.

If you add to nick on steam "", the Commission is reduced by 2 times.

How To Play:

Login through STEAM

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Maximum deposit - 10 items per game. - The minimum deposit $0.05 - Souvenirs ARE ACCEPTED! - Cases ARE ACCEPTED!

You Deposit -


(of 10) items.
The higher the bet, the greater the chance to win. More info.
If you make a deposit you agree with our: Terms and Conditions
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    Add to your name and get -5% commission fee. (re-login needed)
    Be the first one who bets to reduce the commission to 0% in case of win!
    If winner chance is greater than 85% the site commision will be 0%
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Win this M4A1-S | Decimator (FN) worth $14.95. Total Entries: 0

Everytime you place a bet greater than $3 you will get +1 chance to giveaway. More bets means more chances.
Good Luck !

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